The Wrong Shoes Can Cause or Worsen Morton’s Neuroma

The Wrong Shoes Can Cause or Worsen Morton’s Neuroma

When it comes to Morton’s Neuroma, some shoes are better than others
In many cases, the wrong shoes can cause or worsen Morton’s Neuroma. So, if you have or are concerned about Morton’s Neuroma, there are definitely a few factors you’ll want to keep in mind.

Avoid high heels or shoes that distribute your weight to the front of your foot. This type of shoe can put pressure on the nerves of the foot. Also, avoid shoes that elevate the toes. Such shoes can stretch and over-extend the nerves of the foot. Instead, look for shoes that are level and have even cushioning on the bottom.

If possible, avoid shoes that taper in the front. Tapering at the front of the shoe can compress nerves at the point where the body is designed to separate them. Some shoes even have adjustable uppers, which allow you to adjust the tightness of the top of the shoe. If your particular shoe does not have this
feature, you can reduce compression on the front of the foot by using a technique called “volume lacing”. This technique is simple: just remove your laces and skip the bottommost set of eyelets when you replace them.

Overall, experts advise that shoes for Morton’s Neuroma (and in general) have these qualities:
 Allow the toes to spread out
 Soles that don’t bend the foot
 Stiff in the heel
 Bend at the toe box without being overly flexible
 Be the right size

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