Massage for Morton’s Neuroma

Massage for Morton’s Neuroma

Massage for Morton’s Neuroma

Is massage going to cure your Morton’s Neuroma? Probably not. Is massage something that you can do instead of things like getting the right shoes or dealing with the biomechanical forces that may have caused in the first place? No. Yet, can massage provide significant relief for your Morton’s Neuroma? There’s a very good chance of it.

So, how to do a massage for Morton’s Neuroma?

Well, the first thing you should be aware of is what not to do:

Don’t massage in a way that puts deep pressure between the metatarsal heads. Adding pressure in this area can potentially prolong the problem by aggravating the nerve compression.

Instead, massage in ways that assist the metatarsal heads to spread and mobilize—in ways that relive can relieve compression on the nerve. One such technique is called Metatarsal Mobilization. This technique is performed by grasping the ball of the foot and carefully pulling apart the individual metatarsal heads. Once they are pulled apart, move them back and forth in this position? Not quite sure what this means? Check out this YouTube video.

Multiple applications of this technique will probably not fix your issue—but they can go a long way in providing relief. Still, you should definitely consider changing your footwear to see if it is the problem. You should also consider seeking out a medical professional with a good understanding of the biomechanics of the foot. As we’ve said in an earlier article, a lot of pain conditions are similar to Morton’s Neuroma, a lot of them even happen in those individuals who have Morton’s Neuroma—but sometimes the pain is stemming from another cause.

Putting the squeeze on Morton’s Neuroma