Foot Exercises for Morton’s Neuroma

Foot Exercises for Morton’s Neuroma

Here are a few exercises and stretches that may help you manage your Morton’s Neuroma.

·         Towel Squish (Plantar Fascia Towel)

Place a towel flat on the floor. Place your foot on the edge that is closest to you. Use your toes to squish the towel so as to bring the far edge of the towel closer to you. If you find this exercise too easy, you can add a weight to the towel. (1 minute)

·         Ball Roll

Use a golf ball sized ball and place it on the floor, under your foot. Roll it around beneath your foot—in any way that feels good. (1 minute)

·         Bottle Roll

Take a glass bottle or a plastic bottle filled with ice (for cooling and inflammation reduction) and place it on the floor. Roll the bottle back and forth under your foot. (1 minute)

·         Big toe stretch

While seated on the floor, wrap an exercise band around your big toe. Extend your leg and pull back your foot with the band. Then, pull your foot forward—using your big toe and much as possible. (Three sets)